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"A Land Rover is at once a delightful runabout and a rolling torture chamber. It combines the best and worst features of a truck with the insouciance of an MG-TC. It is a car that every man feels compelled to buy at one time or another, but hardly anybody has a use for. It is best suited to off-the-road cross-country adventure. Conversely it is not specifically useful for shopping trips, or general family-household use, but that's what people do with it. This is one of several instances where perfectly reasonable people have seemed to take leave of their senses on first meeting the Land Rover. It is less of a car than a state of mind. Its owners are the most partisan group imaginable and its would-be owners are legion." -- Car and Driver, September 1964.




"...Uboat 109 come in... Uboat 109 this is Bravo Victor 7, come in..."                            Another successful field repair! Who needs a rear sway bar anyway?


I'm on the left, John from Minn LRs is on the right... who had the best line?



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This info has been culled from range rover list members and from my own repairs to my Range Rover... thanks to you all. 
Please feel free to take any of this info and post in a "real" RR site.


My "old" D90   or  "as-new-to-me" RR


ABS Pump Motor

ABS Fuses and Relays

ABS to non-ABS Conversion (send me info if you've done this)

ARB Air Lockers

Air Bypass Valve substitution - AC Delco

Air Conditioning

Air- On Board Air info

Air Suspension-Auxiliary Air Suspension

Alarm & Remote Entry

Ali Ashfaq's Picture Gallery Fun/Work

Alternator Swap-Delco




Battery Monitor Gauge-John Purnell single battery

Battery  Monitor Gauge-Larry Michelon's Dual  Optima Battery Install

Battery-Dual Battery Installation Ideas

Battery-Dual Battery Install pictures

Ball Joint (rear) and Suspension Bushings


Brake Light Switch

Brake Lines - converting to stainless steel

Brake Calipers

Brake Parts: Rotors, Lines, , 

Brake Cooling-

Bumper, Front Winch Rovertym


Catalytic Converters & Tailgate Tabs (Kevin Kelly)

Chevy 350 => RR Conversion Info

Console Work (xfer case shifter, ZF auto shifter)

Coolant Level Sensor

Crossmember Removal

Cruise Control

CV Joint


Decals, Stickers

Diagnostic Code-Reading

Diff Guards... QT install


Drop Arm rebuild (steering Pitman arm)

Door Lock Actuators ( Kevin Kelly email)


EFI Troubleshooting

EFI Info

Electric Fan Install

Engine Swapping



Fans-electric aftermarket

Fuel Filter Renew

Fuel Pump

Fusible Link Repair LR OEM


Gauges-Dermot Harvey's RR

Gauges-Water Temp


Headliner Repair

Heater Core Bypass-Michael Slade

Heater Core replacement web site

Heater Controls

Heater Fan Resistor


Ignition Switch

Ignition control module

Idler Pulley Bearings PN#


Jeff Briggs' 34" SuperSwampers


Laptops, mounting, use

Lug Nut & Lug Wrench sizes

Land Rover Videos





Mansfield Order


OBD Palm Pilot scanner

Off road pictures Windrock, TN 

Oil Filters

Oxygen Sensor


Parts Interchange (Assorted parts, not an extensive list)

Parts Interchange website

Power Steering

Protection-Steering Protection


Quick Fist rubber clamps



Rear Hatch Operating Probe Modification

Relays-Range Rover

Roof Rack Ideas


Snow Plow on a RR



Steering Stabilizer

Steering Protection


Spring Spacers

Spring Relocation Cones-Rovertym

Seat Switches

Stereo Modifications 1992 RR

Spare Tire Storage

Spark Plug Wires

Stereo Speaker Pix

Swivel Balls

Steering Box



Technical Service Bulletins

Throttle Position Sensor

Tires Page

Transfer Case-Broken Shift Lever


Trailer Hitch Front-Mounted

Tail Light Wiring

Transfer Case


Under Dash Stuff

U-joint part numbers

Vents-engine cooling vents



Extra crap:



Land Rover Humor?

Keeping Beer Cold - Shop Series

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